Apr 15

Registrations at the 6h de Paris are now open !

This race is open to every one, competitors or beginners, come with friends, with your family, with quads or rollers! Like every year, you will find sport, fun, activities and a lot of prizes!

Register on: http://www.enduroller.fr/6hdp16/

For the registration opening, we present you the new poster for the race !
This year, we wanted to highlight women, who are more and more in these races.
Thank you to Mélanie Choisnard – mcgraphiste for doing this poster.


As a reminder: the 2nd stage of the Challenge Endurance Grand Nord, the Rollers Day in Sainte Adresse, is in one week. There’s only a few days left to register !

Apr 08

Register at the 2nd race of the Challenge Endurance Grand Nord !

Only one week left to register at the second step of the Challenge Endurance Grand Nord : the Rollers Day in Sainte Adresse !
Register on http://www.enduroller.fr/
There are already several teams registered at the Challenge !
As a reminder, to be registered at the Challenge, your team name must be the same for all races !

Apr 02

Let’s go for the Challenge Endurance Grand Nord ! 

The challenge starts on Saturday 3rd april with the 6h de Mont-Saint-Aignan292 skaters in 101 teams will compete in this first step !
So before registration opening (in two weeks), come to support the skaters and to take part in the activities ! 
ruboff90-2721f Logo Challenge grand nord_Print

Mar 18

Registrations open in one month !

Registrations for the 6h Roller de Paris will open in only one month !
To get ready, you can do the other races of the Challenge Grand Nord ! You can register for 2 of the races on http://enduroller.fr/ : the 6h de Mont Saint Aignan and the Rollers Day in Sainte Adresse !
Register quickly for the 6h de Mont Saint Aignan… Only one week left before registration closing.

Feb 19

This year, a new challenge starts : the “Challenge Roller Endurance Grand Nord” !

It consists of of 4 races :
– 3rd April 2016 :  6h Roll’en Seine – Mont Saint Aignan Roller Skating
– 24th April 2016 : 2h du Havre – Association Roller and Caux
– 12th June 2016 : 6h de Beauvais – Association Beauvais In Line Roller
– 7th august 2016 : 6 h de Paris – association PUC
Logo Challenge grand nord_Print

You get points according to your ranks in all races. To be ranked in this challenge, your team have to participate in at least 2 races.


The challenge starts soon with the 6h Roll’en Seine. Registration for this first step will be closed in one month ! So register now on http://msa.roller.skating.free.fr/spip.php?rubrique140 !!!

Feb 02

Quads in the 6h de Paris

This year, we propose a new category in the race : quads ! So come to represent this category in the 6h de Paris !


quads3 quads5

Feb 02

6h de Paris 2016 : save the date !

The 6h de Paris 2016 on Sunday 7th august !
The race will take place in the bois de Boulogne from 11 to 17. We hope to see you more and more for this race. 
We are currently preparing the event ! We are planning many activities, sport and great prizes !

Jul 26

4 days left to register

Hurry up 😉

Jul 26

Friday night ride

Join us next friday for the Friday night ride. The best way to visit Paris. Start at 10.pm. in front of the Montparnase Station.

More informations on Pari-Roller

Jul 22

Registration closure date postponed !

Good news, the registration will be opened untill Wednesday, July 29th !!!

Register on http://inscription.6hdeparis.fr/6hdp15/

The tesaer from Ludovic Dumouchel :


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