Welcome to the “6h Roller de Paris” 2015 !


Take part, in a team or by yourself, to the greatest roller skating race organised in Paris ! The goal is simple : cover the largest distance during 6h in a team from 2 to 5 skaters or in solo.

In the heart of Paris, you will skate along the quays of the river Seine, on Sunday, August 2nd 2015.

The new circuit is 2.4 km long and entierly closed to traffic. The road is wide and of good quality which allows every participant to skate safely !

 The race will start at 10 am and will end at 4pm. Then, the trophies will be given to the winners.

During the day, you may test your speed in the SEBA Sprint Race on 60m, with a standing start. This activity is free, and open to every one.

Free introduction to roller skating and many activities will be organized in the Roller Village.

The “6h de Paris” record is still held by the Horizons University Roller Team during the first edition : 207,7 km covered in 6h ! Will you beat them ? See you in August, 2nd 2015 ! 

The race is organized by the PUC (Paris université Club), and supported by the CDRS75. During the edition 2014, 90 volunteers and 730 skaters  took part to this event.


The new circuit 2015 : 
  • better located in the nice area of the “Bibliothèque F. Mitterand”
  • with less tight bends
  • a wider zone for the relay

The whole circuit is closed to traffic.

Map :


The circuit is safe : there is neither car, dangerous slope, nor obstacles.



Circuit 2014 : 

Distance : 3380m


Circuit of the fisrt edition, in 2013 :

6h Paris Parcours Boulogne from oim on Vimeo.