Disclaimer : The rules below are translated from the official rules in French. During the race, only the original French rules will apply.


This race is organised by I Skate Paris.

The organizer can modify the current rules at any time.

6 Heures Roller de Paris:

The 6 Heures Roller de Paris is an endurance race of roller skate. It lasts 6h in team relays or individually, on a circuit closed to traffic.

A registration is permanent. It implies the complete acceptance of these rules and cannot be refunded for any reason.


The organizers choose the jury, composed by a race director assisted by race auditors.

The role of the jury is to guarantee the rules respect of the “6 Heures Roller de Paris”, to validate rankings and to handle demands.


The rankings are done according to the next categories:

Code Name Characeristics
IDH Man, individual Older than 18
IDF Woman, individual Older than 18, woman
DUX Duo man or mixed Older than 18
DUF Duo woman Older than 18, women
JNX Junior From 12 to 17
SNX Senior man or mixed At least one member older than 18*
SNF Senior woman At least one member older than 18, all women*
VEX Veteran Each member is older than 35
HND Handi One participant with reduced mobility
QD Quads At least one member older than 18, all with quads*

In the teams (3 to 5 persons), every one must be older than 14. At least, one of the team must be older than 18.

The age taken into account is the one during the day of the event.

The organizers reserves the right to remove categories with less than 5 teams. Teams initially registered in these categories will be assigned to the closest category.


Teams are composed of 3 to 5 members. Duos are composed of 2 members. It is possible to run individually.

Young teams need to be supervised by an adult.

Cumulated registrations in the categories “individual man” and “individual woman” is limited to 65.

Cumulated registrations in the categories “duo men or mixed” and “duo women” is limited to 80.


Skaters must use skates either with 2 pairs of parallel wheels or inline wheels (up to six). Brakes are allowed. Rollerskis are forbidden.

Skaters are free to bring the equipment, beverages or food they need.

Skaters in the race can get the assistance from other participants or from a staff member assigned to this task.

Tables or chair are not proposed by the organizer.


Helmets must be worn during the race for every skater. Protections are highly recommended.

Skaters have to know how to skate and brake. Skaters judged to dangerous for themselves or other participants may be stopped by the race director.

Emergency services will be on the site.

The race director is the only person who can interrupt the race, if he judges it neccessary for the safety of the participants. The race director will inform the organizer of his decisions. The organizer must act as soon as possible.

Skaters in difficulty must finish their lap in the regular direction of the circuit.


The organizer is not responsible in case of accidents or injury due to health or personal equipment.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to competitors’ belongings caused by a third party.

Competitors are responsible for monitoring their personal effects.


Follow instructions on


a. Team booking:

The registration must be done on the website

The payment must be made online or by check payable to “I Skate Paris”, no more than one month after the registration date. Over this deadline, the registration will be canceled.

Supporting documents must be scanned and submitted online or sent by post mail with the registration number, to the following address :

6h de Paris
Chez Stéphane Puybareau
13 Rue Martissot
92110 Clichy


For any question :

To be accepted, registrations must be complete and valid before July 18th, 2021.

Before June 13th, 2021 the registration fee is 40 € for individuals, 50 for duos and 75 for other categories.

After June 14th, 2021, fees will increase to 55, 65 and 90 €, respectively.

According to the French law, you have right to access and modify your personal data.

b. Documents to provide:

  • Online registration form completed and validated
  • Payment online or by check
  • Scan or copy of the French skating federation (FFRS) licence or medical certificate issued less than one year before the day of the race (issued after august 2nd, 2021) stating that there is no contraindication against participating in a roller skating race.
  • Parental authorization for minors (less than 18 year-old)
  • For the company or student categories, a certificate from the company with the names of the employees involved in the team, or copy of a pay slip, or copy of a student id card or certificate of education.

Receipt by the organizers of the complete file validate registration and the team name will be mentioned in the list available at:

A deposit check, € 100 for individuals and  € 200 for teams of two skaters and more, payable to “I Skate Paris”, will be required in case of loss of the timing chips and given back at the end of the race.

Don’t forget to bring safety pins to attach the bibs.


The organizer will award the top three teams of each category.

The awards ceremony of the 6h Roller de Paris is officially organized at the end of the race.


The time for each passage of each skater is measured at the finish line, through an electronic chips system.

The system will issue an intermediate classification after each hour of the race, of all teams involved. This ranking will be displayed near the organizers stand. The general ranking after validation and formalization by the jury will be displayed and made public by the organizers on the website


Each participant wears a bib set by four pins and / or glued on right thigh so that it is clearly visible in all circumstances.

The bib can control the membership of the participants to the race (insurance). Each participant has an electronic chip attached to a bracelet worn around the ankle. When passing under the check-in porch, skater is notified by a beep that his passage is taken into account.


For each team, there is only one skater in race. Each team has a baton. This baton must be carried by the skater in race since the start, and transmitted in the relay zone to a teammate until the finish after the race time.


Each team freely chooses which skater takes the first relay. This skater participates to the start.

The start is done by the organisation.

The start is done like the “24h of le Mans”. The skaters stand without theire rolelrs on the left side of the road. There rollers stands on the other side. The can put on their rollers only after the start signal is given. Skaters that want to start with their rollers already at their feet can start only after the last skater afterthe juge autorize them to go.


The actual arrival time of each team recorded after performing the scheduled time of the test (6 hours).

The skater who takes the last relay and passes under the finish line before the official arrival time must finish his lap.

In case of equal number of turns, the actual arrival time of the last skater of the team is crucial in the overall ranking of the race.

Relay zone, passing of the baton:

The relay zone is marked unambiguously at the stands zone before the finish line.

The baton can be transmitted only in the relay zone.


Claims are only allowed about one’s team laps, and can be made to the race director up to 15 minutes after the arrival of the last competitor.

Running of the event:

8:00 – 10:00 am Collect of the numbered bibs and the baton at the reception
9:15 am Circuit opening to warm-up
9:45 am Briefing for the teams
9:45 am Presentation of the circuit
11:00 am Start of the race
17:00 pm End of the race
17:00 – 17:45 pm Return of the bibs and baton at the reception
17:30 pm Podium


A penalty of one lap will be attributed to the team in the following cases:

  • racer controlled without baton.
  • going backward after the passing of the baton.
  • more than one teammate at the relay zone.
  • relay made from the opposite side of the track.
  • racer without helmet (will be stopped and will return on foot).
  • dangerous behavior.

The last relay can take place up to 10 minutes before the end of the race or before 15:50.


Racers can be disqualified by the race director in case of misbehavior or unsportsmanlike act.

Image rights:

Participants, coaches and public expressly authorize the Paris University Club and its successors such as partners and the media to use images or videos in which they may appear, taken during the 6 Heures Roller de Paris in 2020 on all media, including promotional materials and / or advertising in the world and for the longest period provided by law, existing regulations and treaties, including extensions that could be made at this duration.

Cancellation clauses:

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if, 30 days before the event, the registered teams quota is not reached (in this case, the organizing committee will refund the registration fees).

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if all safety conditions are not met for its smooth running (in this case, there will be no refund).

Modèle d’autorisation parentale (PDF)

Modèle de certificat médical (PDF)

Modèle d’attestation entreprise
(pour la catégorie entreprise PDF)