Price and categories


A discount is done on each registration done before July 13th 2021:

Category Before July 13th
From July 13th
Solo 40 € 55 €
Duo 50 € 60 €
Team (3 to 5) 75 € 90 €

The price includes timing chip rental, numbered bibs and food supplies.

The payment must be done on the website one month after the registration at the latest.

Registrations will be close on Sunday 18th July.


Code Name Characeristics
IDH Man, individual Older than 18
IDF Woman, individual Older than 18, woman
DUX Duo man or mixed Older than 18
DUF Duo woman Older than 18, women
QDX Quads All skaters must wear quad roller skates only
EPX Company / Student Employee of the same company or student of the same school
JNX Junior From 12 to 17
SNX Senior man or mixed At least one member older than 18
SNF Senior woman At least one member older than 18, all women
VEX Veteran Each member is older than 35
HND Handy The participant are handicapped                                                  ( contact us before registration )

The age taken into account is the one during the day of the event.