Merry Christmas!

The team wishes you a merry Christmas!
See you next year, on rollerskates… for the 5th edition of the 6h Roller de Paris 😉

The Challenge Roller Endurance Grand Nord is back !

Last year, you were a lot to take part to the Challenge Endurance Grand Nord !

Thus, we will go on with a second edition for this year ! Here are the dates of the different races :

  • 2nd April 2017 :  6h Roll’en Seine – Mont Saint Aignan Roller Skating
  • 21st May 2017 : 6h de Sainte Adresse – Association Roller and Caux
  • 11th June 2017 : 6h de Beauvais – Association Beauvais In Line Roller
  • 6th August 2017 : 6 h de Paris – association PUC

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The team of the 6h Roller de Paris is already organizing the new edition!


The team is now preparing the 6h Roller de Paris on Sunday 6th august 2017! The race will take place in the bois de Boulogne. The circuit of last year may be slightly modified.

On the agenda of this new edition: sport, many activities, a lot of prizes to win, and we hope still more skaters! All of this, with fun!


Photos of the race !

Some photographers took photos on the 6h Roller de Paris. Find all the photos on the following links :
Thanks to all of them for these beautiful photos!

Information for participants to the “6h Roller de Paris”!


Many thanks for your trust and for your registration to the 4th “6h Roller de Paris”!

You are more than 700 participants, coming from 115 cities and 7 countries, and we are looking forward to welcome you next Sunday!!!

At D-5, please find below some information to better prepare you arrival to this great roller skating celebration!

You are looking for a good reason to come to Paris on Friday? The famous Parisian skating ride, the “Friday Night Fever”, welcomes you on Friday evening to discover Paris by night !!! Meeting point at 10:00pm in front of the “Gare Montparnasse” railway station. Helmet and protective gears are highly recommended. Enjoy your week-end in Paris!!!

“6h de Paris” site access on Sunday 7th August:

Relay zone and teams installation zone are located “allée de la Reine Marguerite”, in the “Bois de Boulogne”. (western Parisian wood). Access by the “avenue de l’Hippodrome” is easy.

Free car park is available on a place called “pelouse de St Cloud”, access via the “Porte de Passy”. You can reach this place for example via the “boulevard périphérique” (the expressway around Paris), leave it at the “Porte de Passy” exit.

This car park is about 600 meters from the circuit. Caution: only a limited number of places is available (about 150 places). We strongly recommend to come by roller skating or by using public transportation: “métro” line 9 (“Ranelagh” station), or “métro” ligne 10 (“Boulogne Jean Jaurès” station), or Bus “PC1” or 32 (“Porte de Passy” stop). See details in the map (expect 15 minutes walk from “métro” stations, and a bit less than 10 minutes from the bus stops).

“Village Roller” and animations :

The “Village Roller” will be open on Sunday 7th August from 09:00am, at the “avenue de l’Hippodrome” / “allée de la Reine Marguerite” crossing.

You will find our partners stands: SEBA, Ligne Droite, EO Skates, SILA et Mobile en Ville ; go to see them for your shopping, and to thank them for supporting the “6 heures de Paris”!

You will also find there the “SEBA Sprint Race”, 60 meters race, standing start, open to everybody, with many nice gifts by LOTTERY (A pair of ROLLERS SEBA skates) and to the 3 best ones of each category (men/women), and animated by Igor CHEREMETIEFF, slalom world champion. Also located there: bibs withdrawal, the “Buvette” with drinks and sandwiches, cakes and ice-creams, mmmm!!!), and, in the back, toilets (environmentally friendy).

Animations during the race:

* The “Heures Ligne Droite”

Ligne Droite” will offer nice gifts every hour when passing the arrival, following pre-defined categories. Winners’ names will be announced through the loudspeakers by Caro and Christine. Surprise, surprise ! These gifts will be delivered by our animators during the race, with a short interview!

* The “SEBA Sprint Race”

This is a 60-meters sprint race, de 60m, standing start, with time measurement by cells. Two attemps (maximum) are allowed for each participant. Splendid SEBA gifts will reward participants by lottery and the 3 best ones of men and women categories. So, who will be the king or the queen of the print this year? Come to test your maximum speed all along the day and to compare yourself with the champions!

* EO Skates, Hôtel Courtyard Paris & SILA gifts lottery

During the podiums ceremony, a lottery including all participants will give a chance to some of you to win 1 pair of EO Skates 3x125mm carbon frames, 1 full stay for 2 persons at the Courtyard Paris Saint Denis hotel et some magnificent SILA sunglasses.

Winners’ names will be displayed during the afternoon at the “BUVETTE”.

!!! Caution! you will have to be present near the podium from 5:30pm to receive your gift if you win, no shipping will be done.
* Free roller initiation with “PUC Roller” coaches

These initiations are for all, children and adults, and are located near the “Village” between 11:00am to 05:00pm. They will be conducted by “PUC Roller” coaches, skilled and friendy! Skakes, helmets and protective gears will be provided if you do not have your own ones. Do not hesitate to let your children to try this experience with our coaches!

* “Comité de Roller Sports 75” exhibit about roller skating history

You will be able to visit this nice exhibit the the “Village Roller”, come to discover origins of your favourite sort and funny anecdotes!!!

* Best costume contest!!!

Come with your skates and your most beautiful costumes for pictures with Cyril, from 10:00pm to 10:30pm, near the “Buvette” ! A jury composed with our partners will select the happy winners. Winners’ names will be displayed during the afternoon at the “BUVETTE”.

(you will have to be present near the podium from 5:30pm to receive your gift if you win, no shipping will be done.)

Bibs and chips withdrawal:

You will be welcomed at the “Retrait des dossards” stand (bibs withdrawal) on Sunday from 9:00am to 10:30am.

You will be able to withdraw your bibs (1 for each team member, to put on the top of the right leg); don’t forget to bring safety pins (4 for each team member) !

We will also give you the chips (1 for each team member); prepare a 100€ deposit (SOLOS) / 200€ deposit (TEAMS).

A bag with gifts / refreshment will be given to you (see below).

Coffee, tea or Cristaline with fruit juice drink will be proposed to welcome you at the “Buvette” located at the same place!

If not already done, please bring your medical certificate or French skating federation (FFRS) license with mention “roller en compétition” and your payment. Persons without medical certificate or license will not be admitted to the race.

Teams location:

You can install your team on the large pavement of the”Allée de la Reine Marguerite”, on the left side when coming from the “Avenue de l’Hippodrome”. You can choose your place as you want. If you want, you can install your tents but they will have to be removed before 5: 45pm.

Bring your own chairs and tables (not provided)! In addition please note that no electrical supply will be available.


The circuit will be open for warm-up at 10:30am.

If you want to warm-up before, it will be possible to do it from 9:00 but the circuit will not be protected. You will share it with other users (pedestrians, cyclists) under your own responsibility.

Live results/ Trophies:

You will be able to consult your provisional results during the race under the “Chronométrage” (timekeeping) tent provided by our favorite timekeeper, Pascal ; )

TROPHIES WILL BE GIVEN AT 5:30pm, take the opportunity to visits our partners stands: SEBA, Ligne Droite, EO Skates, SILA et Mobile en Ville; a drink will be offered after that to continue the celebration!!!

THE “CHALLENGE GRAND NORD” trophies will be also given.


Each participant will receive 2 cereal bars, 1 compote and 1 big CRISTALINE bottle of water.

CRISTALINE bottles of water will be at your disposal near the “Retrait des dossards” (race numbers withdrawal) stand. In case of high temperatures forecasted, bring additional bottle of water as water points are too far from the circuit.

On the circuit, water will be delivered only to solos. Please do not take water at this refreshment point if you are in a team.

We also recommend to bring in advance refreshment for all the race duration (compotes, energy drinks, etc.), and a first aid kit (adhesive bandage, etc.). A cap or a hat can also be useful to protect yourself from the sun, and solar cream!

The “Buvette”:

The “Buvette” will be at your disposal in the “Village Roller”, with:

* super-fresh drinks, including the new CRISTALINE drink with fruit juice

* delicious cakes

* sandwiches able to stop any hunger,

* delicious ICE-CREAMS!

* nice poster of the previous “6 heures de Paris” editions, 6hdP – I SKATE PARIS goodies…

All of this with low prices. We are looking forward for you!!!


We have planned for you refreshment with CRISTALINE water during all the race, with also compotes ans cereals. We will also give small CRISTALINE bottles of water to you. This bottle are only for solos !

No storage room will be available for your belongings, your are responsible of your own belongings.

You will have priority at the toilets!


On the circuit, there are several tight turns requiring attention: please SLOW DOWN before these tight turns and take care of slower participants!

CAUTION: the circuit is composed with roads which can have an irregular coating in some places. Take care! We strongly recommend to make a preliminary exploration of the circuit before the race start. You can do it from 10:30am.

On the relay zone,it is strictly forbidden to go backwards out of the dedicated corridor. Any infringement to this rule will result in a 1-lap penalty for the team of the participant going backwards out of the corridor.

In general, we ask you to pay attention to your own security and to the security of the other participants, in order to make sure this event remains a nice celebration!

We wish a nice final preparation to all of you!

See you this Sunday in a friendly atmosphere for the most beautiful event of this 2016 summer!!!

Many thanks to our generous partners supporting roller skating in Paris: SEBA, Ligne Droite, EO Skates, Hawaii Surf, SILA Sport, Cristaline, Dom Petroff, Hotel Courtyard Paris Saint Denis, La Ligue Roller Sports d’IDF, Le CDRS 75, La Ville de Paris, La Mairie du 16e, Le CNDS Mélanie Choisnard Designer, Mobile en Ville, Ludo TV, Pari Roller, les 24H du Mans Roller & REL

Registration deadline on Sunday 31st July!

Good news, the deadline to register at the 6h Roller de Paris is postponed to the 31st July, midnight!
We are organizing a nice race for you, with a lot of prizes to win!
So, register soon on !!!

Only 2 weeks before registration closure!

If you’re searching for team-mates, go on : ! Two canadian girls are still looking for a team, and an other person is looking for a partner to do a duo. Contact them on the forum !

Only 5 days before registration prices increasing! 

After Wednesday (15th June), registration prices will increase! Register now on !

Still looking for team-mates for the race ? Post a message on our forum:

And on Sunday will be the 3rd race of the Challenge Roller endurance Grand Nord, with the 6h de Beauvais!


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SEBA, first sponsor for the 6h Roller de Paris !!!

And only on week before registration prices increasing !
Originally from Paris, SEBA logically supports the 6h Roller de Paris, being the main sponsor. Thank’s to SEBA !
The team will run a stand on Sunday, 7th August and will organize the SEBA SPRINT RACE, an indicidual race on 60 m, with a lot of prizes to win ! So, come and test your speed !!!
Known for Freestyle and Freeride, the brand will present its famous Marathon skates !

MARATHON copie (1)seba270

New timing for this year!

For this year, the timing for the 6h Roller de Paris will be done by the Ligue du Centre, who is allready working with a lot of 6h roller races !!! Every one will have his own chip, with its own times ! You may also follow the live rankings. Thanks to Maryse and Pascal!

So, this year we’ll have a nice track, with a great timing! So take your rollers for new records, on the track or during the SEBA Sprint Race !!!

Registrations on
Be carefull, prices increase on June 15th!!!